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Despite this advantage, the gambler will have to adapt to the market in order to try to make a profit and this includes issues of financial logistics and perhaps opening several online casino accounts should they become profitable. 

The ideal is to place bets at reputable online casinos that have never been accused of refusing payment. 

It is good to alternate betting in different places to remain welcome by casinos winning discreetly. 

Can you reach thousands of dollars of profit by betting $5 per wager on the same account? 

It may be possible yes, but most gamblers prefer bolder strategies. 

From this, we already begin to glimpse possible ways of obtaining more profits, that is, depositing larger amounts when you are prepared and trained. 

European Table (single zero) Versus American Table (double 0)

Whenever possible, you should always play on a European roulette table, which has only one ‘green’ zero for the little ball to stop. 

The betting tables are identical, except for the additional double zero betting area. The payouts are also similar, however the bankroll odds are slightly higher on double zero. 

Difference between a roulette strategy and a roulette system

Roulette basics

Many players consider it the same thing. But professionals consider a roulette system as a method of bet selection. 

An effective roulette strategy would be your plan for everything else, including how you will win money without being detected. 

Possible plans would be: try to win fast and in large amounts, or slow in small amounts to keep a low profile. 

Types of bets

The two main types are inside and outside bets. Inside bets include single number bets or splits. 

Outside bets include colours, dozens, streets, highs and lows, pairs and pairs, columns. 

Inside bets usually form part of the preferred betting selection of scholars. 

Neighbouring numbers bets are an interesting option because the numbers you bet on are physically close to each other on the spinning wheel. 

Red/Black, Odd/Even and Outside Betting


Outside Bets in Roulette are those bets placed on groups of numbers or colour, thus encompassing a larger amount of numbers. 

Basically, Outside Bets are a deliberate randomisation of bets. 

So if you bet on red or black, you have no way of increasing the accuracy of your predictions, considering that the previous results will not influence the following ones. 

But of course, as it’s a game of luck and hunches, you can combine inside bets with outside bets. 

1-18 or 19-36 bets are really no different than the Major or Minor, or Dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). 

You can also include bets on Streets, Corners and so on. 

Whatever your preference, try your hand at testing your betting methods and selection of smaller value bets until you decide on one of the many ways to try your luck at Roulette and good luck!

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